ice cream

ice cream
frozen dessert containing cream and sugar and flavoring (Freq. 1)
Syn: ↑icecream
Hypernyms: ↑frozen dessert

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ice cream,
a frozen dessert made of cream or custard, sweetened and flavored.
ice-cream «YS KREEM», adjective.
1. containing ice cream: »

ice-cream cake.

2. of a light, creamy color; yellowish white: »

ice-cream pants.

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n. a soft frozen food made with sweetened and flavored milk fat
a serving of this, typically in a bowl or a wafer cone or on a stick
mid 18th cent.: alteration of iced cream

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/ˌaısˈkriːm/ noun, pl ⋯ creams
: a frozen food containing sweetened and flavored cream

What flavor of ice cream do you like?

chocolate/vanilla ice cream


Would you like another ice cream? [=another serving of ice cream]

— often used before another noun

an ice-cream parlor/stand/soda

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ˌice ˈcream [ice cream ice creams] (also ˈice cream especially in NAmE) noun uncountable, countable
a type of sweet frozen food made from milk fat, flavoured with fruit, chocolate, etc. and often eaten as a ↑dessert; a small amount of this food intended for one person, often served in a container made of biscuit that is shaped like a ↑cone

Desserts are served with cream or ice cream.

Who wants an ice cream?

Word Origin:
mid 18th cent.: alteration of iced cream.  
Example Bank:

apple pie with ice cream

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